Little Adam's Peak

7,359 ft high mountain located in central Sri Lanka

Chandreshwar Bhutnath

Chandreshwar Bhutnath is located on highest peak of Goa

Sigiriya rock

Situated in Northern Matale District, Central Province, Sri Lanka

Statue of Lord Shiva

Second tallest Shiva Statue in the world

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All ways seeking for Adventure

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Siddhanath Parvat

Siddhanath Parvat is located in a small village called borim, Ponda Goa. The closes city is Ponda. This is Goa's second highest peak after Chandreshwar. Its a place to view a sunset.

Palolem Beach

A Beach where a river and the sea meets.

Cabo-De-Ram Fort

Cabo-De-Ram Fort was build by Portugues during portugues rule in Goa. This fort was acting as a watch tower and terminate foe. Now this fort is a tourist attraction.